The Kleinstein Search Process
The foundation of a good client relationship is confidence. At The Kleinstein Group, we work to earn our clients' confidence through each step of the search process.

Our search process consists of the following:

Setting Realistic Goals

No two searches are alike. The more complex the job function, the higher the demands, the more difficult it is to find the talent that fits. That's why you won't hear pat answers from us regarding how and when we'll get the job done. For each assignment, we set realistic goals that are based on the current business environment and level of talent required for the position.

Profiling the Industry

An important step in our search process is taking a closer look at the industry from which we are seeking to recruit a candidate. This enables us to develop a customized database of corporations where potential candidates can be found.

Identifying the Candidate

Our experienced team of in-house recruiters contacts each candidate, protecting the confidentiality of the client. A Kleinstein Group principal follows up with personal interviews to further explore the qualifications of selected candidates and to stimulate the candidate's interest in the position.

Delivering Results

In three to four weeks, we will deliver profiles of all candidates who have the required qualifications. Once we have your input, The Kleinstein Group will begin interviewing all potential candidates. Our goal is to identify the most talented individuals for your organization.

Negotiating Employment

Based upon positive reference checking, we will assist you as necessary in formulating a compensation package designed to bring both parties together equitably.

Following Up

We do not consider our work complete once an offer is accepted and the successful candidate reports to work. It is our practice to maintain contact with both parties over the next year to monitor their adjustment. That's because we seek long-term relationships and stand behind our placements.

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